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Massalongo (1859) as Cedrela faujasii, transferred to Itea faujasii by Meschinelli and Squinabol (1892).
At the same time, Canacol retains its 100% interest in the adjacent Cedrela, Tamarin, and Sangretoro E&P contracts which it shall explore on its own in order to capture all of the upside in the area.
The bus driver reported seeing the woman's 2004 Ford Mustang driving erratically up Cedrela Avenue and pulled the bus to the side of Avenue R-12 to wait for it to pass, officials said.
Cedrela fissilis (South American cedar) and Cedrela odorata (Central American cedar) of the Family Meliaceae
A number of species of the hardwood Cedrela, including Honduran cedar (the wood with the distinctive "cigar box" smell), have been certified for use by furniture manufacturers (see sidebar).
The Company and its partners' near-term drilling plans include the Cedrela exploration prospect, which is currently under Force Majeure discussions, and two appraisal wells at the Teak discovery on the West Cape Three Points Block.
papaya (Carica papaya), pineapple (Ananas comosus), and timber trees like Cedrela odorata and Tabebuia spp.
instabilis, Enterolobium cyclocarpum, Calophylum brasiliense, Cedrela odorata, Cordia allidora, Cochlospermun vitifolium, Ficus petiolaris, F.
Immunomodulatory activities of Cedrela tubiflora leaf aqueous extracts.
Tais resultados concordam com os obtidos por Andrade e Pereira (1994), os quais verificaram que os melhores resultados da primeira contagem de sementes de Cedrela odorata L.
The most effective medicinal plant from families other than Rosaceae was Cedrela sinensis, followed in order by Nelumbo nucifera, Eucommia ulmoides, Zanthoxylum piperitum, Cudrania tricuspidata and Houttuynia cordata.
cv Bourbon, Coffea canephora Pierre ex Froehner and Robusta coffee trees combined with a variety of shade trees including Cedrela odorata L.
Total # Family/Species Part eaten individuals Anacardiaceae Anacardium excelsum S 10 Spondias mombin FP,B 66 Spondias purpurea FP 2 Mangifera indica ** FP 10 Bignoniaceae Tabebuia rosea F 2 Bombacaceae Ceiba aesculifolia FS,B,L 9 Ceiba pentandra S,B 4 Bombacopsis quinata FS,B 7 Ochroma pyramidale F 12 Caesalpiniaceae Schizolobium parahybum S,L,B 9 Delonix regia * F,S,L 206 Cassia grandis FS,B 8 Combretaceae Terminalia catappa * FS,L 498 Lythraceae Lagerstroemia speciosa * S 31 Meliaceae Cedrela odorata S 2 Swietenia macrophylla S 2 Fabaceae Pseudosamanea guachapele F,L,B 23 Lysiloma divaricatum S 7 Enterolobium cyclocarpum B,Li 4 Inga vera ES,L 18 Inga sp.
Byrsonima amazonica, Cedrela odorata, and Pouteria spp.