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a diacritical mark (,) placed below the letter c to indicate that it is pronounced as an s

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The values the Cedille existed to promote--not only humor and play but also misunderstandings, friendship, gift giving, cost sharing, conviviality--insist on the importance of the small, the occasional, the semiprivate, the inefficient, the unruly, the cheap, the improvised, and, above all, the face-to-face experience.
BESANCON band La Cedille have been building up a strong following in Huddersfield.
is continuously fascinating, and the recording (by Cedille Records engineer Bill Maylone, whose work I have complimented before) could hardly be bettered.
More music will be performed by French hip hop group La Cedille, from Huddersfield's twin town Besancon.
Those interested in supplementing this edition with an aural overview of arias written for Storace (and other renowned female singers of her time) should listen to Patrice Michaels's recording Divas of Mozart's Day (Classical Arts Orchestra/Stephen Alltop, Cedille CDR 90000 064 [2002]), which, "based on a concept by musicologist Dorothea Link" (notes, p.
It was used for performances and workshops by bands, including La Cedille from Huddersfield's French twin town Besancon.
Three highlights of this disc are the enthusiastic playing of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of American conductor Paul Freeman, and their two soloists, Mathieu Dufour and Alex Klein; the fascinating combination of pieces for wind solos and ensembles that are included; and the excellence of the Cedille recording.
Back in March 2005, Huddersfield groups Kava Kava, Mary-Jane and Besancon band La Cedille rocked the airwaves on a live BBC Raw Talent radio broadcast.
As many of you are aware, the small, Chicago-based company Cedille Records has been quietly producing some of the best-sounding discs around, mostly of solo and small-ensemble artists.
To coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Kirklees / Besanion Twin Town relations, The Timeless Music Project formed a new partnership with Kirklees Cultural and Leisure Services bringing twin town acts Flexible Future and LA Cedille to the 4th Annual Timeless Music Festival.
First, it continues Cedille Records' series of classical music by contemporary African-American composers.
Recently, Besancon-based hip hoppers La Cedille were signed to Chocolate Fireguard.
To help celebrate the new organ at Chicago's Orchestra Hall, Cedille Records present the first recording of the Casavant Freres instrument in a collection of works for organ and orchestra by American composers.
Early successes included local rockers Nex and French rappers La Cedille.
EMI engineers haven't produced quite the kind of pinpoint accuracy of presentation found on the superb Cedille recording of these works (Vermeer Quartet, Cedille CDR 90000 056), but at least they avoid any hint of stridency in the strings or unnatural, speaker-to-speaker separation found on other discs.