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Though it is called cottage, the property is a bungalow and has a hint of Scandinavia about it thanks to its cedar wood cladding.
The scent of cedar wood in the air, and a tree growing in the room, highlighted the lingering taste of age and wood in The Singleton whisky.
This Shiraz is big, bold and rich, has a long velvety palate with hints of chocolate, smoke and cedar wood.
The same quantity of cedar wood increased from 7,200 afs to 7,300 afs during the outgoing week, as the onset of winter had pushed up firewood prices, he added.
The pair picked notes of fresh spices, champagne, jasmine, chocolate truffle, cedar wood and musk, which are apparently, the ingredients this charismatic couple surrounds themselves with during the holidays," she said.
These are the stories Joy Khoury imagines as he turns scrapped cedar wood from Lebanon's demolished old buildings into designer furniture.
The cedar wood figure of the Queen - she's seemingly hollering "Off with their heads
The special is that he is scribing Holy Quran with cedar wood which is first ever attempt in the world.
Plant essences, cedar wood, lime and cypress help to keep pores clear while lemon and rosemary soften and smooth the skin, the statement added.
If you plan to store your favourite coats and woolly jumpers for next year, add a cotton wool ball with a few drops of lavender, rosemary, camphor or cedar wood to ward off moths and silverfish.
Cedar wood oils obtained by supercritical fluid extraction (CO2) and ethanol extraction of J.
Modern greenhouses come with aluminium or cedar wood frames, and in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Crayelle Wine Cellars, 533 Cedar Wood Lane, Wenatchee; Crayelle Wine Cellars LLC, Craig M.
Notes: Orange zest, sparkling rose, musk, cedar wood
The perfume comes to life with triggering notes of orange blossom, lavender and peach and the strength of cedar wood.