Cecil Rhodes

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British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa

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1902) South Africa: Cecil Rhodes, who gave his name to vast swathes of land in southern Africa, dies at the age of 48.
Brigands and chancers like Cecil Rhodes (played by Martin Shaw, left) plundered the natural assets of undeveloped lands like Africa.
Joe, who plays the young Cecil Rhodes, was riding in a horse-drawn cart when the animal bolted.
From his grave, colonial mastermind Cecil Rhodes, must be pondering with glee his words about Africa:
Dr Harris' political career started in South Africa, where he became a member of the Cape Province House of Assembly, but it was marred by the Jameson Raid controversy - under the instruction of businessman Cecil Rhodes, he sent a message to the Times newspaper falsely suggesting Jameson was responding to an immediate request for help.
LATE 19th CENTURY: British South Africa Company under Cecil Rhodes annex tribal areas.
That find sparked the rush that bought glory and wealth to men such as Cecil Rhodes and Ernest Oppenheimer, and spawned the trading carrel, De Beers that still effectively controls much of the world's diamond market.
This collection of essays, edited by Sir Anthony Kenny, Warden of Rhodes House from 1989-1999, is the first full history of the Trust established under the will of Cecil Rhodes.
The other key player was Cecil Rhodes, the mega-rich diamond and gold-mining magnate, founder of Rhodesia and a ruthless, rapacious colonialist.
The Rhodes scholarships are an international study award created in 1902 through the will of British philanthropist and colonialist Cecil Rhodes.
Martin Shaw and Neil head an all-star cast in the pounds 10 million drama, Rhodes, an eight-part series about Cecil Rhodes, the controversial adventurer and founding father of Southern Africa.
I ken fine that however long I live in France, I shall always be English and as Cecil Rhodes once said, "have therefore won first prize in the lottery of life", but I hope I have enough good manners (that is what it boils down to) to become accepted by the indigenes as a "sympa" foreigner.
In history, Cecil Rhodes who had an extraordinary adventure for a life.
It's an adventure of epic proportions based on the life of Cecil Rhodes, the controversial British imperialist who joined the diamond-rush to South Africa in the late 1800s.