Cecil John Rhodes

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British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa

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Two pictures of the man were current in my youth: In the quasi-British atmosphere of my English-medium elementary school in Cape Town (in the fifties of the last century), the myth was propagated of Cecil John Rhodes (Fig.
The poem from which these lines are taken points to Rhodes University, which is named after Cecil John Rhodes.
Established in the 1880s by mining icon Cecil John Rhodes, Simmers recently underwent revitalization when its board was restructured in November 2004 with a view to recapitalizing the company.
To cheers and jeers, they dismantled and took down the campus statue of one of Africa's leading symbols of land and natural resources dispossession Cecil John Rhodes.
By 1873, this former tented village was home to 50,000 miners and in 1889 its most famous resident, the controversial Cecil John Rhodes, bought the De Beers Consolidated Mines from Londoner Barney Barnato for an amazing pounds 5 million.
The Matopos Hills are the site where Cecil John Rhodes, the eponymous 'founder' of Rhodesia, chose to be buried.