Cecil B. DeMille

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United States film maker remembered for his extravagant and spectacular epic productions (1881-1959)

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The award is named after the influential Hollywood director Cecil B.
Following the destruction of their uniforms, Ollie and his troops must hide themselves behind a billboard advertising the Cecil B.
HOLLYWOOD -- Geena Davis will join Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk in announcing the recipient of the 2006 Cecil B.
And as for the parting of the Red Sea, well, eat your heart out Cecil B.
Sunset Boulevard is a dark-hued, macabre spectacle that Cecil B.
And a few years after Gloria Swanson was waiting for Cecil B.
Visions, fire, dazzling faces, radiant clothing, voices coming out of clouds, the Ancient One sitting on the throne amidst ministering throngs--chapter seven in the book of Daniel offers a Cecil B.
Like a burning bush from Yahweh, like an overproduced Cecil B.
Film veteran Anthony Hopkins was celebrated with the Cecil B.
There are a lot of crystal bowls and silver cups out there, and sometimes I see them and just groan,'' said DeMille, a distant cousin of the famous Hollywood filmmaker Cecil B.
Robin Williams ended his acceptance speech for the Cecil B.
Five-time Globe winner Robin Williams received the Cecil B.