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Among Diptera [2] have trapped species belonging to Trichoceridae, Mycetophilidae, Sciaridae, Cecidomyidae and ipulidae.
It is followed by Diptera with 9 species belonging notably to Cecidomyidae, Culicidae, Psychodidae, Chironomidae et aux Agromyzidae and Coleoptera with 7 species.
3%) present are among the Nematocera, Tipulidae, Sciaridae and Cecidomyidae and more precisely Dolichopeza sp.
It was during this time that he studied the peculiar meiotic systems of the gall midges, Cecidomyidae, a group to which he had been introduced by the Schraders while at Columbia University.
Most of the species of Toryminae are ectoparasitic on cecidogenus insects of the families Cecidomyidae and Cynipidae [54,27,15].