caesarean section

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the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

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CONJOINED TWINS - Born to a poor Muslim couple, Sittie and Hawa are conjoined at the mid-section after they were delivered by ceasarian section by their mother Mimi Sabpa in Datu Hofer, Maguindanao.
The comedian was overjoyed after Sophie had the boy and girl by ceasarian section at a London hospital.
After a 13-hour labour, Yvonne is believed to have given birth by Ceasarian section.
Dubliner Jacqui D'Arcy says she suffered excruciating pain during a Ceasarian section.
Factors affecting "decision to delivery interval" in emergency ceasarian sections in a tertiary care hospital: a cross sectional observational study.