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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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Officers of various units like the Special Cell, Crime Branch, EOW, district heads, etc that are authorised and have been maintaining passwords will be responsible if CDR of any MP is illegally accessed.
CDR recently doubled its office space to accommodate expanded staff specializing in monthly sustaining donors, DRTV, management of inbound telemarketing, online acquisition and analytics.
Despite the increase caused by using three years, only a small percentage of colleges would face penalties for high CDRs if the new three-year CDR was implemented this year.
In such settings, CDR monitoring should be considered syndromic surveillance and should be implemented when an abnormal health phenomenon affects large populations.
in response to these results commented, "we are very pleased with the promising results obtained using the CDR battery in the multiple ascending dose portion of the Phase 1 clinical trial for MEM 3454 and plan to move forward with a Phase 2a clinical trial for this drug candidate later this year.
An additional issue impacting cascading is whether the CDR suffers from jitter "peaking" where certain frequencies of jitter are actually slightly amplified.
So, we decided to engage a proven supplier as a prime contractor to tailor the CDR to the specifications of our multispecialty physicians.
CDR Tracker focuses on the major public drug plans including all participating provincial drug plans, the Qubec drug plan, which does not participate in the CDR process, plus three major federal public drug plans (Non-Insured Health Benefits - NIHB, which serves the Canada's native population; Veterans' Affairs Canada - VAC, which serves veterans of foreign conflicts and peacekeeping; and the Department of National Defence - DND, which serves current members of the Canadian Forces).
As previously disclosed, based upon preliminary data, we expect that our 2008 weighted-average, two-year CDR will increase to approximately 14.
Although banks will not be required to submit Call Report data to the CDR until October 2005, the agencies plan to make the CDR available for testing by banks and software vendors beginning early summer 2005.
We're very proud to have been involved in this large novel study," said Professor Keith Wesnes, founder of CDR.
The emergence of increased FCC regulations has transformed effective CDR management from a storage issue into a critical compliance requirement for VOIP and mobile phone providers.
In a ceremony held at Rocketdyne's DeSoto facility, Hallinan commended employees and said, "Rocketdyne's accomplishments are evident in the outstanding reviews received in the CDR.
GRIP Retirement LLC, a newly formed joint venture between CDR Financial Products and FSD Financial Services (www.
Sayare adds that "ImmunoGen has now humanized the antibody used in Oncolysin S, our immunoconjugate for the treatment of small-cell lung cancer, using two methods -- CDR grafting and our novel resurfacing technique.