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IDA Merit Awards CCCP launched a rebranding and marketing campaign for the Historic South End district centered on the idea that the area is literally and figuratively "The Edge of Town.
3), and the permeability transition pore (CyA), only CCCP and rotenone blunted 1,2-NQ-induced HyPer signals, indicating that the molecular target for 1,2-NQ-stimulated [H.
Piddock and Ricci (11) had also reported that CCCP and reserpine do not change the MICs of FQs for the reference strain M.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: MEGS, mitochondrial energy-generating system; PDHc, pyruvate dehydrogenase complex; TCA, tricarboxylic acid; OXPHOS, oxidative phosphorylation; DMEM, Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium; FBS, fetal bovine serum; SETH, sucrose, EDTA, Tris-HCl, and heparin; ROCR, relative oxygen consumption rate; CS, citrate synthase; RFU, relative fluorescence units; ANT, adenine nucleotide transporter; CCCP, carbonyl cyanide 3-chlorophenyl hydrazone; mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA; ROS, reactive oxygen species.
Dunkles Haus, Stern CCCP auf dem Helm, eine Kindheit Bunker, Altai,
Joining its 65-gram CCCP retro-theme chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream on a stick and 500-gram tubs of CCCP "fat-rich" vanilla ice cream are a raft of other products, including the popular Smersharki brand line.
Also, what did the letters CCCP stand for on the football shirts once worn by Russia?
The kits were logo-free, except for the CCCP letters on the chest of the Soviet Union players and pitchside advertising was virtually non-existent.
CCCP - artist signed to my label Deeper Substance Records and a great talent from Slovenia.
La rappresentazione del territorio e percio centrale: sia essa filmica (la riflessione su Lavorare con lentezza di Guida Chiesa, il cinema itinerante Cinemovel di Elisabetta Antognoni e Nello Ferreri), sia essa musicale (i CCCP, i Modena City Ramblers o i Fiamma Fumana), figurativa (il lavoro di Luigi Ghirri e la pittura di Piero della Francesca nella lettura di Pasolini), o letteraria (i racconti di Gianni Celati, il romanzo Boccalone di Enrico Palandri, o la rivista migrante "El Ghibli").
Yashin in his all-black strip with CCCP across the front also had a brilliant nickname - The Black Cat.
The addition of CCCP, resulted in an increase in cell-associated ciprofloxacin uptake.
It is amusing and noteworthy that these same initials, CCCP, at one time stood for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Bill then takes time to berate a poor guy wearing a sweatshirt with CCCP on it about the dire state of life in the Soviet Union.
SSSR -- or CCCP, in the Cyrillic alphabet) meant "Stalin's Death Will Save Russia" (Smert' Stalina Spaset Rossiiu).