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Cayuga Lake is now the smallest body of water from which a washup has been recorded.
Hosmer Winery, on the western shore of Cayuga Lake, has won gold medals from the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition for its Cabernet Franc and its Estate Red, a blend of Cabernet Franc and DeChaunac, a native grape.
Sadly, for years I have had to say no," said Saltonstall, who has 27 acres of grapes overlooking Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.
Filled with water drawn from the icy depths of Cayuga Lake, the pipes make Cornell's experimental air conditioning initiative, Lake Source Cooling (LSC), possible.
He put his wish in a bottle and tossed it into Cayuga Lake.
State Parks seeks proposals including shrink-wrapping and onshore outdoor storage for boats on Cayuga Lake.
A passion for home and family on Cayuga Lake in upstate New York, a passion to become another great Shakespearean actor while helping a war wounded friend (Hank) find success.
The Lake Source Cooling (LSC) project at Cornell University uses a renewable resource - the deep, cold waters of nearby Cayuga Lake - as a noncontact cooling source for the campus chilled-water system.
The work follows several years of debate in the city on whether to rebuild the plant to meet modern water-quality standards or tie into the intermunicipal water consortium known as Bolton Point, which draws water from Cayuga Lake.
Sunny View Acres is just minutes from Cayuga Lake, known for its fishing, boating, and swimming, as well as the city of Ithaca and all of the cultural attractions it has to offer.
REGIONAL FOOD/WINE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS* Rank Wine Destination Midwest 1 Ohio River Valley 2 Nashville/Bloomington, IN Area 3 Leelanau Peninsula, MI Northeast 1 Cayuga Lake, NY 2 Long Island, NY 3 Seneca Lake, NY South / Southwest 1 Central Virginia/Monticello 2 Texas High Plains 3 Texas Hill Country West / Northwest 1 Monterey County, CA 2 Santa Barbara County, CA 3 Puget Sound, WA
NEW YORK, May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- In a ruling that has implications for thousands of maritime workers across the country, the United States Supreme Court yesterday upheld a Syracuse widow's right to sue employer Lockheed Martin for the wrongful death of her husband in a December 2000 Cayuga Lake drowning accident.