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a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored belly

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If the world's wealth creators lack squeaky-clean locales like the Caymans as an option, their economic chances vis-a-vis their own politicians won't be as robust.
The Cayman has always been wellA[degrees]received in the sultanate, and we're expecting a lot of tradeA[degrees]ins from current Cayman owners.
According to Le Monde, a partner in the ICIJ investigation, Augier held stakes in two offshore companies headquartered in the Cayman Islands through his financial holding, Eurane.
David Baines, 53, police chief in the Cayman Islands, rammed his 4x4 into three robbers he saw fleeing a jewellery shop there.
The ad shows two hospital CEOs clicking glasses of champagne on a beach in the Cayman Islands and enjoying a lavish taxpayer subsidized lifestyle.
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) reported that they oversee 761 class B, C and D companies as at 31 December 2013, with 406 of those pure captives and 148 as segregated portfolio companies (SPCs) making Cayman one of the world's largest captive insurance domiciles, said Rob Leadbetter, chairman of the Insurance Managers Assn of Cayman (IMAC).
Yet my own travel Hell was an incredible spot on the fabulous Caribbean island of Grand Cayman.
Birmingham City captain Martin O'Connor will run the risk of a FIFA ban if he declines a call-up to play for the Cayman Islands.
A source said: "If this banker from the Caymans comes to Dublin to testify, everyone will be shocked to hear how wide- ranging the payments were.
ANIMAL lovers yesterday lost a bid to have Channel 4 torn off a strip over a Bear Grylls show where a cayman was killed and eaten.
Smoothie King currently has more than 650 units operating in 32 states, the Caymans, Singapore and the Republic of Korea.
The Godolphin pair Sahara Kingdom and Caymans bossed the market for the 1m conditions event, but the only forecast they were involved in was for well-beaten sixth and seventh places.
Gangs, which gained a foothold in the Caymans in 1996, have been involved in transhipment of drugs to the US, as well as in the local drug trade, said Detective Chief Inspector Patrick Beersingh of the Joint Intelligence Unit.
As it turns out, the Cayman's key men were summoned to London to update their bosses about the economic and social progress in the Caymans.
The couple raced to shore, getting lost and amusing the locals, who say caymans are fairly harmless.