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a British colony in the Caribbean to the northwest of Jamaica

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Our sponsors and island partners continue to raise the bar each year with an impressive roster of events and acclaimed chefs that pay testament to our vibrant food culture and spirited Caymanian traditions that keeps visitors returning year after year.
The majority of Caymanians are of African and British descent, with considerable interracial mixing.
Frazer said: "It's home to them and they love it here - to all intents and purposes, they see themselves as Caymanians.
The winding coastal road took us past pretty pastel-coloured houses where Caymanians shot the breeze on their shady porches.
Tax-sheltering aside, there's also a Caymanian coziness with companies that later go bust--according to one investigator looking into Enron, "We found 441 entities setup in the Cayman Islands," most of which were "inactive shells.
That was the first of several visits to Foster's `Strand' location, including one Sunday afternoon trip to the store's pharmacy, which proved to be a lifesaver since Caymanian law prohibits any supermarket to open on Sundays.
Careful research and prior experience has led us to conclude that we cannot count on this group to uphold the standards of appropriate behavior expected of visitor to the Cayman Islands," wrote Thomas Jefferson, the Caymanian minister of tourism, commerce, and transport, to Norwegian Cruise Lines.
Within the property/casualty operations, Colonial Group's three operating subsidiaries, Colonial Insurance Company Limited, British Caymanian Insurance Company Limited (Cayman Islands) and Security and General Insurance Company Limited (Bahamas), have generally demonstrated good underwriting results and improved operating performance trends while continuing to benefit from being part of the overall Colonial Group.
Over the last 47 years, the Bank has grown to become a leader in Caymanian financial services, offering a complete range of personal and business banking and wealth management services from three Banking Centre locations and its offices at Butterfield Place in George Town.
Caymanian freestyle swimmer and Beijing competitor, Brett Fraser(50, 100, 200 free)
For centuries, Caymanian fishermen anchored their boats in the shallow waters to clean their catch before going ashore," he explains.
We are also extremely pleased to be able to appoint another young Caymanian to this role.
Caymanian culture will be celebrated through live music, street games, parades, sports competitions, fireworks, costumes, and an abundance of other activities.
Part of the proceeds will provide a young Caymanian chef with the opportunity to embark on his own culinary journey.
The sea is everything to the Caymanian, providing their fun, their food and, at times in its fascinating history, their fear.