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a British colony in the Caribbean to the northwest of Jamaica

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GED BRANNAN'S international career with the Cayman Islands hit the rocks last night - after a late rethink by FIFA.
On Monday, the Cayman Islands government has declared the start of work on an expansion of Charles Kirkconnell International Airport on Cayman Brac.
GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, Rabi'II 7, 1435, Feb 7, 2014, SPA -- Police in the Cayman Islands say a U.
LIME TV is not authorized or licensed by the copyright owners to distribute or rebroadcast CITN licensed CBS programming in the Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands is a major offshore financial center and the registered home of thousands of corporations and financial entities.
LODGING: Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa, West Bay Road, Grand Cayman Island.
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1 -- 2 -- color) Divers explore the sea fans along Bloody Bay Wall at Little Cayman Island, above.
To draw attention to the issue on the day of the hearing, a Hospital CEO mascot dressed in a "Fat Cat" costume will deliver audible Cayman Island Greeting cards to all the legislators and the State House press corps.
In the past, parents of health care captives, particularly those that write medical malpractice coverage, selected the Cayman Islands as their domicile because neighboring Bermuda would not permit nonemployed physician exposures to be covered within their captive programs says Tom Hermes, senior principal at Tillinghast in Hartford, Connecticut.
His book Offshore: The Dark Side of the Global Economy takes us through the downfalls of Enron, Parmalat, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, and any number of other unlucky--or simply predatory--entities, showing how each managed to find a friend in the Cayman Islands and the world of offshore finance along the way to ruin.
THE EVOLVING The Cayman Islands would have once been a sure bet for the rotten-apple list.
102 TC 616 (1994), in which the Tax Court held, in a reversal of its own original decision in the case, that, applying the aggregate theory of partnerships advocated by the IRS, income earned by a Cayman Islands partnership should be treated as directly earned by its controlled foreign corporation (CFC) shareholder and, therefore, subject to current U.
Brown Group owned 100% of Brown Cayman, a Cayman Islands corporation.
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