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someone who lives in a cave

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I also can't believe the police have forewarned these cave men they'll be infiltrating the Old Firm game.
You may have thought it was a bit self indulgent and not considered its contribution to the radical reform of society - at best, a quiet rural pastime, allowing time for meditation and consideration of the natural cycle - or at worst, if like me you happen to be a vegetarian, a brutal blood sport worthy only of cave men.
More interesting are the bizarre costumes festival-goers wear, coming as aliens, horses, cave men and wizards, and all the fun in the mud.
Reality check, folks: We're all just a disaster away from living like cave men.
Making sure they enjoyed the day were Paul Davies and Karl Langford, dressed up as cave men and celebrating Paul's 41st birthday.
The smile which spreads across his face as I explain how I screamed out loud three times in the cinema during the screening (big boost for my journalistic street cred) and how the film represents the top three on my worst nightmares chart: small spaces, darkness and bloodthirsty cave men with protruding blue veins) ( does much to make everything clear.
Chapter Three is the history of hair, from cave men who smeared their locks with mud or clay to the ancient Egyptians who coated their heads with chopped lettuce leaves to stimulate hair growth.
Why,only the other day a brain expert was on the radio explaining how women's ability to multi- task dates back to cave days, when cave men focused on bringing in the food and cave women had to focus on everything else.
How did cave men tell what was good to eat and what wasn't?
We have an old legacy system run by cave men," said a controller of a mid-sized manufacturing company headquartered in the Northeast.