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Evidence from sites along Hadrian's Wall has informed understanding of cavalry regiments across the Roman empire.
The participants of Household Division Beating Retreat are drawn from the bands of the two Household Cavalry Regiments and the five Foot Guards Regiments which make up the Household Division.
The UK Government has plenty of other options, such as amalgamating some of the eight English cavalry regiments or the two Scottish ones.
In 1928, the 11th with the 12th Royal Lancers became the first two British Cavalry Regiments to be mechanised to armoured cars.
Unlike many other cavalry regiments, which were armed with guns, the Lancers used bamboo lances, up to 11 feet in length and weighing just four pounds.
There were servicemen from ten regular regiments, five Yeomanry regiments, Indian Cavalry as well as representatives of 81 Commonwealth Cavalry regiments from Australia, Canada, Fiji, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa Young cadets were also on hand to push wheelchairs so old soldiers too infirm to march could take part in the parade.
The equipment of the 1st Armored Division and the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiments were shipped aboard nine Military Sealift Command ships in July and early August.