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the act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing

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By doing so, Ortese does not fall prey to the sense of vertigo and disintegration that Baudrillard saw as the apocalyptic corollary to the collapse of all coherent systems of representation "not only at the level of objective culture, the level of public discourse, but also in the daily experience of people, inside 'the subject'" (de Cauter 21).
Though locality is a product of social relations, we do not follow the line of those (Koolhaas and Mau, 1995; Escobar, 2001; De Cauter, 2004; Auge, 2008) who argue that globalization is rendering places empty.
those marvelous empty zones on the edge of our cities': heterotopia and the 'Dead Zone'", in Heterotopia and the City: Public Space in a Postcivil Society Eds M Dehaene, L De Cauter (Routledge, London) pp 203-214
This is about terminally ill children, whose death is imminent and who suffer greatly," said Carina Van Cauter, a Flemish Liberal Democrats lawmaker, according to (http://www.
Evidence has shown that shiftwork, particularly the combination of day and night shifts, contributes to nurses' fatigue (Admi, Tzischinsky, Epstein, Herer, & Lavie, 2008; Akerstedt & Wright, 2009; Berger & Hobbs, 2006; Hartenbaum, Van Cauter, & Zee, 2011; Kilpatrick & Lavoie-Tremblay, 2006; Muecke, 2005).
10) Jacques Derrida and Lieven De Cauter, "For a Justice to Come: An Interview with Jacques Derrida," in Lasse Thomassen, ed.
Finally, Lieven De Cauter expresses his doubts about the messianic radicalism shared by both Benjamin and Agamben, to which he prefers Derrida's cautious reference to a "weak messianicity.
Some people claim they can tolerate the cognitive effects of routine sleep deprivation," said co-author Eve Van Cauter, PhD, the Frederick H.
Poor HL is an area of concern as it impacts an individual's ability to cope with his/her CHCND (Aronsohn, Whitmore, Van Cauter, & Tasali, 2009; Giannotti, Cortesi, Cerquiglini, Miraglia, Vagnoni, & Sebastiani, et al.
Knutson KL, Van Cauter E, Rathouz P, Yan LL, Hulley SB, Liu K, et al.
Laboratory studies suggest that reduced duration of sleep up-regulates appetite by a reduction in leptin, an increase in ghrelin, and a reduction in insulin sensitivity; these changes increase the risk for obesity (Van Cauter & Knutson, 2008).