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the act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing

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18) Lieven De Cauter and Michiel Dehaene, "The Space of Play: Towards a General Theory of Heterotopia" in Heterotopia and the City: Public Space in Postcivil Society, ed.
Short-term studies show that cognitive problems follow sleep deprivation, but scientists have no idea whether those problems relate to longer-term decline in memory or degenerative brain disorders, Van Cauter says.
Joining reedsman Rimington will be trombonist Fredrik John from Sweden, pianist Svenne Topgaard, drummer Keith Minter, both from Denmark, and Belgians banjo/guitar-man Koen de Cauter and bassist Dajo de Cauter.
Professor Eve Van Cauter, from the University of Chicago, told a conference in Dublin that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain.
These findings strongly suggest that obstructive sleep apnea is likely to contribute to elevated cortisol levels in women with PCOS and could play a role in the risk for adverse metabolic alterations in this patient population," concluded researchers Eve Van Cauter, Ph.
Natasha Van Cauter, from Telford, Shropshire, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2004.
When Eve Van Cauter and co-workers limited 12 healthy young men to just four hours of sleep for two consecutive nights, their leptin levels were 18 percent lower and their ghrelin levels were 28 percent higher than after two nights of sleeping for ten hours.
The finding, which points to a potentially important connection between sleep, diabetes risk, and obesity, was just one of a series of observations made during detailed sleep studies conducted at the University of Chicago in recent years and presented by Eve Van Cauter, Ph.
Van Cauter (1997), "Sleep Loss Results in Elevation of Cortisol Levels the Next Evening," Sleep, Vol.
Another pituitary hormone linked to sleep is prolactin [4]; the hormones secretion peaks 4 to 5 hours after sleep onset (Van Cauter and Turek 1994).
Research leader Professor Eve Van Cauter said: "We found that hormonal changes resulting from lack of sleep mimic many of the hallmarks of ageing.
We found that the metabolic and endocrine (hormonal system) changes resulting from a significant sleep debt mimic many of the hallmarks of ageing," said Eve Van Cauter, who directed the study published in the Lancet, a medical journal.
Another recent commentator, Lieven de Cauter, suggests that the twentieth century soon came to favor "vertigo machines.
Eve Van Cauter and associates at the University of Chicago, the effects of sleep loss are linked to an increase in hunger hormones and excessive caloric intake.