cause of action

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a claim sufficient to demand judicial attention

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If he has a cause of action and has not stated it clearly, in most cases his opponent is not prejudiced or deceived.
Based on the legislative history, the appellate court held that the statute allowed a cause of action for the loss of a viable or nonviable fetus in the mother's body, but did not allow a cause of action for the loss of an embryo created by IVF that had not been implanted into the mother, and remanded the case to the circuit court.
It's not acceptable what happened and it is fair to say we are not happy about it, but we are satisfied with the cause of action taken.
government explaining its interpretation of the relevant statutes, and, at the government's urging, (82) held that neither the FSIA exception nor the Flatow Amendment created a cause of action against a foreign State.
Marcos' first cause of action sought to declare as unauthentic all the certificates of canvas used by both chambers of Congress in proclaiming Robredo as the winner with a margin of over 200,000 votes.
The court's July 14, 2017 order stopping PEMRA from issuing notices each time on New Cause of Action to the TV channel has tied the regulator's hands to take any action against 'Urdu-1' which is showing the Indian dramas.
a cause of action without determining whether or not Congress intended
Having no statutory cause of action, Meshal had sued directly under the Constitution, relying on the decision in Bivens.
While the traditional understanding of waiver of tort saw it as dependent on proof of an underlying tortious action, the rise of consumer class actions in negligence led to courts finding that it could be an independent cause of action.
The first section addresses cause of action and its role in the litigation process, including the legal team; the difference between facts, evidence, and proof; causes of action and their elements; the connection between causes of action, facts, evidence, and proof of those elements; the stages of a civil proceedings; and using the elements of cause of action before litigation, in pre-trial litigation, and in trial preparation.
s (Allstate) motion for summary judgment dismissing the third cause of action, unanimously reversed, on the law, without costs, and the motion granted.
1984), wherein the Court stated, inter alia, that: "The basis of the cause of action is intentional interference with the plaintiffs [sic] rights causing emotional distress, with or without personal injury in the traditional sense.
The University contended that Francois' action against it was barred because the Settlement Agreement did not clearly reserve a cause of action against the University and therefor Francois's rights were equitably subrogated to Nurse Martinez as a result of the Release and Settlement Agreement.
The primary objective of the present article is to draw attention to the drawbacks of preclusion, especially of the rules of cause of action estoppel.