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the relation between causes and effects

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Mirza P, 'Extracting Temporal and Causal Relations between Events', ACL, pp: 10.
A second possibility is that there is not a causal relation between the appraisal of self-agency and the tendency to repair, but only a temporal co-occurrence (Parkinson 1997).
Consequently, their model implies a positive causal relation between returns and volume in either direction.
They also argued that the study did not evaluate the exposure of the brain to the fields from the cell phone correctly, so a causal relation between the radiofrequency signal and the effect detected by Volkow et al.
Wald performed tests in his Visual Fatigue Lab at Harvard University and discovered that the closest causal relation to visual fatigue was not physical deprivation but simply "boredom.
Finally, Wildavsky (1988) and Baghestani and McNown (1994) have advanced a so-called Institutional Separation hypothesis under which decisions on taxation are taken independently from the allocation of government expenditure, such that no causal relation between revenue and spending is to be expected.
The causal relation conveys that some information or event is the result of the condition prior to it.
In fact, one could make a very strong case in arguing that one of the major success stories for the autocratic -- but nevertheless "moderate" -- Arab allies of the US has been in drawing a direct causal relation between the geopolitical rise of Iran and the salience of sectarian divisions in the Middle East.
But by transitivity of the causal relation she causes his action.
The direct causal relations between variables A and B, and between B and C, generate a causal relation between A and C.
Breen is careful not to imply a causal relation between the avocats' exclusion from political participation and the intellectually-rich legal culture that flourished in Dijon in the late seventeenth century.
The use of appropriate empirical methodology, including robustness (or sensitivity) tests, provides a basis for interpreting results as scientific evidence of a causal relation.
Editor's Note: The case illustrates that a causal relation between alleged medical malpractice and the resulting injury to a patient must be proven.
These results also conform well to our hypothesis that no causal relation from the value of the Dollar and ADR returns should exist.
If there is a true causal relation, the increased risk of 40% would mean that 14% of psychotic outcomes in the U.