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the relation between causes and effects

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A scientific dialogue of conjecture and refutation at first tries to dismiss the notion of a causal relation between agent/determinant A and disease D along the four issues "temporal relation," "association," "environmental equivalence," and "population equivalence.
Applying the three-factors of causal relation, geographic proximity, and essential use of the vehicle, the Court found that Foster and other similarly situated policyholders should reasonably expect coverage for UIM claims made by persons like Butzberger.
To determine whether two events in the text exist in causal relations, van den Broek proposes four criteria:
Dancygier insists that analyses (such as those of Dudman 1984, 1985, 1994) that posit temporal and not causal relations between antecedents and consequents are inadequate, but if the notion of causality that is being endorsed is indistinct from temporal notions then the relationship between an account like Dancygier's and one like Dudman's is much more controversial.
It buries its assent, however, in an editorial note that says the findings "do not prove a causal relation between higher taxes and declining STD [sexually transmitted disease] rates.
The Posts and Telecommunications Ministry will conduct a two-year study in Tokyo and Osaka to see whether any causal relation can be found between electromagnetic waves emitted by cellular phones and brain tumors, the Asahi Shimbun reported Tuesday.
Given these limitations, the study findings, particularly the temporal relation between higher alcohol taxes and a decline in gonorrhea rates, are consistent with but do not prove a causal relation between higher taxes and declining STD rates.
dreams occur, to the language of dreams, to the causal relation between
Second, Mellor's derivation presumes that there could be no brute singular causation between events that is a one-off causal relation between events that does not hold in virtue of the properties of these events.
My suggestion may incense those who hold a causal theory of perception (`x sees y iff x stands to y in the causal relation R').
For instance, in his reading of "Sur des vers de Virgile," Benson concludes that the text repeatedly displaces its focus from sex to money, and from money to language, indicating a causal relation between the monetary crisis during the second half of the sixteenth century and Montaigne's problematization of reason and meaning in language: "Money depreciated catastrophically over Montaigne's lifetime .
Although our results do not provide direct evidence for a causal relation between [marijuana] and heroin use, they are nonetheless consistent with this possibility," Tanda's group concludes.
The appropriate counterfactual causal relation requires that there be some possible world W in which the belief occurs, the reason occurs, nothing other than the reason causes the belief, and the person's epistemic situation (and everything else) remains the same insofar as this is logically possible.
The present structural model supports a causal relation between coaching behaviors and perceived control.
The committee identified a causal relation between diphtheria, tetanus, and hepatitis B vaccines and anaphylaxis, a sudden, rare, and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.