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(philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes

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It permits us to argue that even if causal determinism is true, we can ascribe moral responsibility to human acts.
Part 3 commences its discussion of Aquinas's riposte to causal determinism by explaining his modal semantics of the necessary, contingent, possible, and impossible.
The author argues that our first-person conception is neutral with respect to causal determinism, and that the function of transcendental freedom is to provide the metaphysical conditions of the possibility of genuine moral responsibility and perfect justice, and to get rid of moral luck.
The reason for this contrast is, in part, her consideration of libertarianism in strict opposition to all forms of causal determinism.
He discusses the meaning of the relevant terms, what causal determinism does and does not assert, and the function of the causal principle in science.
The author replies to the challenges to Frankfurt-style compatibilism about causal determinism and moral responsibility presented in Daniel Speak's paper "The Impertinence of Frankfurt-Style Argument.
The fourth section of the book concentrates on the Stoic view on causal determinism or fate.