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a town in Kent in southeastern England

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And specially from every shires ende And especially, from every shire's end Of Engelond to Caunterbury they wende.
And as Doyle and Parkes emphasize, the final words of the Tales in the Ellesmere manuscript are, "Heere is ended the book of the tales of Caunterbury, compiled by Geffrey Chaucer, of whos soule Jhesu Crist have mercy.
chirches and ferde foule with wodes and mennys orchardes also be same zer was be translacioun of seynt thomas be archebysshop of caunterbury also fyry dragons and wykkyd spiritis many on were sen fleynge in the eyr', and ends: |and a part of be tauerne at be egle and be good man of be egle hadde moche harm as it is seyd'; (2) folios [33.
Ladies; the book of the Duchesse; the book of Seint Valentynes day of the Parlement of Briddes; the tales of Caunterbury, thilke that sownen to synne; / the book of the Leoun; and many another book, if they were in my remembrance, and many a song and many a leccherous lay" (1085-86) suggests that he questions his own "entente," which is precisely what is asked of a penitent in the confessional.