Caudine Forks

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a battle in the Apennines in 321 BC in which the Samnites defeated the Romans

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This brings us to an important divergence from Livy's Caudine Forks surrender scene.
Bruckmann noted how effective Livy's technique was in making the Caudine Forks soldiers turn their eyes from the degradation of the consuls.
62 through Livy's Caudine Forks surrender yields some interesting results.
The italicized words are the particular phrases in Tacitus' passage which recall Livy's Caudine Forks surrender.
Yet, where some of the Caudine Forks soldiers had allowed their feelings to show, the stoical Vitellians preserve their dignity, displaying passive facial expressions despite the humiliating situation.
Yet this second Tacitean allusion to Livy's Caudine Forks surrender has not been widely noted: perhaps I am suffering from a case of what Conte calls `comparisonitis', that is collecting parallels for their own sake or seeing allusion where none exists.