Caucasus Mountains

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the mountain range in Caucasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that forms part of the traditional border between Europe and Asia


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The Middle Kura depression between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges.
On day four of the February 7-23 Olympics, most of the action was up in the nearby Caucasus Mountains, where mild temperatures were causing increasing concern about poor snow conditions.
The 114-room hotel offers views overlooking the Caucasus mountains and the city centre.
Doku Umarov, a militant leader, has urged the insurgents to attack the Games in Sochi, which lies on the western edge of the Caucasus mountains.
Investigators were scrambling yesterday to determine who had killed six men whose bodies were found the day before in four cars abandoned in an area just north of the volatile Caucasus Mountains region, where an Islamic insurgency is simmering.
MOSCOW, Rabi'I 8, 1435, Jan 9, 2014, SPA -- Russian investigators are trying to determine who killed six men whose bodies were found in four cars abandoned in an area of southern Russia close to the volatile Caucasus Mountains, AP reported.
Putin has staked his prestige on the Olympic Games in Sochi, which lies at the western edge of the Caucasus Mountains and within the strip of land the insurgents want to carve out of Russia and turn into a Sunni Caliphate (State).
Volgograd, which borders the Caucasus, is 550 miles south of Moscow and about 400 miles northeast of Sochi, a Black Sea resort flanked by the North Caucasus Mountains.
According to The Japan Times, With an Islamist insurgency raging across the North Caucasus Mountains east of the Black Sea resort, Russia's security agencies have had carte blanche to ensure that nothing spoils President Vladimir Putin's pet project.
The Olympic rings have been installed opposite the building with the Caucasus mountains beyond.
Two days before the race he was legging it back to Tyneside from Mineralnye Vody in Southern Russia's North Caucasus mountains, where he managed to scale Europe's highest peak.
The "Red Bull Jump and Freeze" competition took place in the Caucasus Mountains and is in its second year.
The pair's terrifying ride in the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia was captured on video.
The camera follows the Zorb as it plunges down a gorge at Dombai in the Caucasus mountains, southern Russia.
Investors in the nation have been promoting the many riches that it has at its disposal, the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains and its ancient cities.