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the mountain range in Caucasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that forms part of the traditional border between Europe and Asia

a large region between the Black and Caspian seas that contains the Caucasus Mountains

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The initiator of the project proposed to create on the territory of the North Caucasus Federal District the production of mobile automotive hotel rooms that can be quickly installed and launched in any territory with any natural landscape and with the least cost to organize a tourist base.
The first English-language personal account of high adventure in the Caucasus, Arnold Zisserman's Twenty-Five Years in the Caucasus, 1842-1867 is a rare and important work.
The length of the South Caucasus Pipeline exceeds 700 kilometers.
The author examines the Russian portrayal of native people from the southern borderlands, the Caucasus region, through poetry, ethnographic studies, descriptions of the actions at the frontlines in the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878, and coverage of the war in Russian newspapers, to understand Russian perception from the Caucasus War in 1817 to the end of the Russo-Ottoman War.
Iran is cooperating with Russia on the Caucasus and beyond and "Iran's understanding and agreements facilitated management of the extremism crisis beyond the Caucasus by Russia", Moussavi told FNA on Saturday.
The Caucasus Development Bank OJSC (CDB) is waiting for approval from the Azerbaijan central bank to merge with Atrabank OJSC.
Summary: Georgian authorities hope to receive additional volumes of natural gas from Azerbaijan through the South Caucasus Pipeline told reporters Georgian Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze, APA reports quoting "Sputnik-Georgia".
Perhaps the people of the Northern Caucasus are in a Sisyphus-like situation, in that they have taken so many steps through the years to see their region normalized, only to watch all the progress go backward again.
The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a shooting in Russia's volatile North Caucasus region of Dagestan that killed one and injured 11, SITE Intelligence Group said Thursday.
WASHINGTON, Oct 5 (KUNA) -- The US Department of Treasury on Monday imposed sanctions on four individuals linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the so-called Caucasus Emirate (also known as Imarat Kavkaz).
The militant Islamist group has proclaimed the establishment of a wilayaat, or province, in Russia's mainly-Muslim North Caucasus, suggesting it may be gaining the upper hand in a battle for control over radical forces there.
policy in the South Caucasus during the second term of Barack Obama's
His tactics though have also led to the diffusion of radicalism into the neighboring republics of Dagestan, Ingushetia, and Kabardino-Balkaria in particular which have made of up the core of the Caucasus Emirate, known locally as Imarat Kavkaz.
In September 2014, the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) announced that it was ready "to start a war in Chechnya" and even "liberate Chechnya" and the entire Caucasus.
com)-- SmartLabs has announced the implementation of its interactive TV solution at Caucasus Online and the successful migration of the existing subscriber base to the upgraded TV service.