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of or relating to Caucasian people


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Thus, the civilisation that Napoleon's scientists found in Egypt had to be the creation of Caucasians, which made the Ancient Egyptians a branch of the Caucasoid race.
As Edith Sanders states: "The late 19th century provided two new ideologies which utilised and expanded the concept of the Caucasoid Hamite: colonialism and modern racism.
Africans are yellow, Australians red, [Mongoloids blue] and Caucasoids green.
They summarized the data in terms of 9 clusters, which included New Guineans, Pacific Islanders, Southeast and Northeast Asians, Amerindians, Europeans, other Caucasoids, and Africans; they assigned comparative genetic distance data to these populations.
History : Ancient people of Bangladesh were Proto-Australoids and Proto Mongoloids who were subjugated by caucasoids (aryans), who promulgated Hinduism.