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Ossification of ligamentum flavum, although commonly seen in aging Japanese population, is rare in Caucasian people and Americans.
Our study demonstrates that there are significant differences in the socio-demographic profile of Aboriginal individuals living with HIV/AIDS compared to Caucasian people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario.
So I guess receiving welfare--aka "socialist" public assistance--is OK for Caucasian people, especially if their offspring go on to become politicians in a party with a long-standing ideological stance against "the welfare state.
The researchers found Caucasian people tend to show classic heart symptoms with pain in their chest and arms and shortness of breath.
Researchers will be led by ophthalmology lecturer Dr Doina Gherghel, and hope to test South Asian and Caucasian people.
Researchers, led by ophthalmology lecturer Dr Doina Gherghel, would like to test people of Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and Bangladeshi background as well as Caucasian people with or without a family history of diabetes.
There were a lot of Caucasian people sitting around.
Asian people are up to six times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than Caucasian people.
I was really afraid of the Caucasian people, but my parents thought the world of them (the priests and nuns)," Gibot said.
incidence among Caucasian people has been decreasing, perhaps due to improved screening methods.
If you are African American, your risk of developing the open-angle type of glaucoma is six to eight times more than for Caucasian people, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, making the need for regular eye exams an important factor in protecting your vision.
Entitled The Longevity of the Caucasian People and the Effect of Their Life Wisdom on Their Weavings, the lecture is being held in conjunction with an exhibition containing more than 50 collectible antique rugs woven by the tribal people living in the Caucasus Mountains.
Jews living here differ from the typical Caucasian people and those living in neighborhood from mainly in religious rituals.
However, the gene could not predict the reaction in Caucasian people.
So if went into a unit where there were 100 Caucasian people with heart attacks, I would find that about 20 to 25 per cent had diabetes.