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Synonyms for ranch

farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)

manage or run a ranch

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Cattle raising is primarily the domain of minority nationalities in the North and West who live on their herds and practice traditional modes of production.
International meat prices have also declined, and cattle raising is the area's second major source of income.
The researchers attribute the hydrogen buildup to various human activities, including the burning of vegetation and emissions of the greenhouse gas methane -- which reacts with other gases to produce hydrogen -- arising primarily from rice cultivation and cattle raising.
Cattle raising costs in Brazil are the lowest worldwide due to favorable geographic and weather conditions, availability and low cost of grazing land, and low cattle feeding costs.
The local economy is based on agriculture and cattle raising.
The Tangara da Serra Marfrig Group Unit located in the State of Mato Grosso is authorized to produce and market its products internationally bearing this "green cattle raising seal".
Meanwhile, businesswoman Nurah Al-Rafie called for opening the door for women to work in cattle raising and fattening.
The delegation expressed its interest in industrial development, a better use of renewable energy sources, and cattle raising, among other aspects.
PETA demands not only an end to all hunting, fishing, and cattle raising, but also to the use of any animals in medical research and even the ownership of animals as pets.
In general, though, Southeast Asian forests fall to provide fuelwood and timber, whereas South Americans generally burn forests to clear land for crops and cattle raising.