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Cattle hides represent approximately 5% to lo% of the market value of an animal, with the Linden Food Group slaughtering approximately 160,000 cows a year.
Bag, case & strap leather (sides), full grain & grain split (except offal & welting), cattle hide & kip side
Mr Howells said: "Exports of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef totalled PS200m in 2011, with sheep skins and cattle hides adding a further PS44m to Wales' overseas earnings.
Loyal customers also buy 500-pound sides of beef and leather projects created from the cattle hides after slaughter, including rugs, handbags and belts.
The discovery of cattle hides, hooves and horns shows that tanning pits were once in operation in the area in the 13th century, an indication that Birmingham was industrialised long before historians previously thought.
During that time both pre-war and post-war, I traded in a number of commodities including, believe it or not, raw cattle hides, black pepper, cocoa, and crude rubber.
Understandably, high levels of 0157 on cattle hides could stress packinghouse sanitation systems designed to prevent the spread of the pathogen.
Add to that a further pounds 40m gained by the Welsh economy through the export of sheep skins, cattle hides and offal, and it said the total value of exports in 2011 is pounds 240m.
It invested $10 million at that time in its operations to turn cattle hides into semifinished leather for subsequent export.
The firm, which also has a base in Cheltenham, uses its trucks to collect cattle hides and sheep skins from abattoirs and bring them to its operating centre near Ruabon.
Products including sheep skins, cattle hides, dairy products and breeding pigs are now eligible for export following the removal of the ban, imposed after last year's foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey.
coli O157:H7 in manure that is stuck to cattle hides or carcasses may end up contaminating equipment or meat.
Beef - Two animated characters will explain beef and beef by-products using display models like cattle hides and nutritional information.
The site was used many years ago for dumping slurry formed from treating cattle hides with lime at the Pierpoint and Bryant tannery and nearby residents became concerned when they heard of the tests.
Leather tends to lose value in economic recessions, so in present circumstances it is hardly surprising the price of cattle hides is falling.