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Just go get the stupid ball, cattle dog," I could almost hear him thinking.
It''s a fascinating story," he said: Y Ci Coch was a very large cattle dog which was bred here in North Wales.
Aniston owns a white German shepherd mix named Dolly and a terrier-corgi mix called Norman while Wilson has an Australian cattle dog called Garcia.
While both the actors were chatting about their dogs: Jennifer about her shepherd mix Dolly and corgi mix Norman, and Wilson his Austrlian cattle dog Garcia, they suddenly turned uncomfortable, as the interviewer asked Jennifer what its like having people pry into her personal life.
Cara Callaway saw that innate ability in her 14-month-old Australian cattle dog, Grifter, when the dog was only 12 weeks old.
She initially described the animal as brown and white and picked out a blue heeler, an Australian cattle dog, when shown a book with pictures of different dog breeds.
An Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who died in 1939 at age 29, is thought to have been the world's oldest dog.
For music producer Tommy Krasker and actor-singer Philip Chaffin, Broadway has gone to the dogs--specifically, to their pets Please, an Australian cattle dog, and Sumner, a bull terrier, for whom Krasker and Chaffin named their successful indie label PS Classics.
We have two dogs: Rocky, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Rambo, a Bitsa with some Blue Cattle dog in him.
A roundup could stretch over hundreds of miles, and cowboys needed help bringing in the herds; hence, the Queensland heeler or Australian cattle dog was born.
Some of the least common breeds in Indianapolis include the Australian Cattle Dog, Basenji and Puli.
Varsha, a nine-year old cattle dog mix, was found wandering the streets of Oakland.
The oldest recorded pooch in history is Bluey, a cattle dog who was 29 years and five months when he finally died in Australia in 1939.
Adam, who is fronting the charity's campaign, will complete 13 miles with Rufus, an Australian cattle dog he rescued from being drowned.