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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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Today we take the cats eyes for granted, but it wasn't easy for Percy Shaw getting the government of the day to accept this life-saving device.
It's all about the cats eyes for sunglasses this season.
On Saturday night, on my way home from Dubai airport and on Sunday morning, on my way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to work, I was shocked to see that without cats eyes on the road in some areas and poor-quality cats eyes in others, it was practically impossible to make out the white lines separating each lane, not to mention extremely dangerous.
Cats Eyes shows the way home Cats Eyes had been backed throughout the day as if defeat was out of the question and his task was made all the easier when second favourite Chaud Lapin was withdrawn at the start before the first race.
MM CATS EYES Cats Eyes Horrors frontman Faria Badwan and Canadian Rachel Zeffira collaborate on this compelling boy-girl pop.
The new studs, which are a British invention, are ten times brighter than the current cats eyes because of simply reflecting light from approaching vehicles they actually generate, store and emit their own illumination.
THE latest generation of solarpowered cats eyes are being hailed a major safety boost.
1935: Cats eyes were used on roads for the first time.
In 1985, an updated girl-power detective series, Cats Eyes, hit the screens.
Cats eyes cost around PS10 but last for between two and three years before they need replacing.