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Synonyms for Catholicity

the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church

the quality of being universal


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To live in catholicity was to have a sense of the cosmos or the whole order of things," Delio explains in the introduction.
There it had been agreed to set up a special theological commission to study the theme of Catholicity and Apostolicity.
It may seem overly whiggish to say so, but assuming that we keep on hiring as we have been, and that we continue to insist on substantive multipolarity and methodological catholicity as organizing principles, I, for one, can not wait to see what the next 50 years will bring.
The Anglican Communion has no jurisdictional role, though it clearly has the potential to exercise a very important role in sustaining a vital catholicity amongst the Provinces.
AG 2 says nothing about catholicity and therefore nothing about mission subordinated to church.
15) Finally I will show why retrieving these voices of alterity within the tradition of radical catholicity is crucial for providing an alternative story to the conquest narrative that has become synonymous with Christendom.
It is one of the privileges of my life that over the next decades I came to know the great secular Jewish socialist, and when he died was invited by his fine wife, Lillian Milgram Schapiro, to edit one of his unfinished papers; but I never forgot that first personal experience of his unlimited intellectual catholicity.
His topics include the impossibility of atheism, where holy teaching leaves philosophy, the subversiveness of Catholicity, and what happened at Vatican II.
At the final concert, the programme contained an article by Wally Francis, the deputy chairman, which was exceptional both as a eulogy and as a reminder of the catholicity of taste of Oramo.
On that stage he has been a patient and wise voice on behalf of the unity and catholicity of church.
A highly respected scholar who evidenced profundity and subtlety in numerous published works concerning philosophy's history, whether about pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Scotus, Suarez, or later figures, as well as topics pertaining to metaphysics and ethics, Owens was renowned for the catholicity of his erudition and concerns.
In effect Kerry is trying to be on both sides of the fence at the same time - - implying Catholicity while appearing at NARAL functions and maintaining an almost perfect abortion rights voting record in the United States Senate for the past 20 years.
More importantly, they have raised the question of retaining Catholicity within the schools while operating in such a society.
Coplans's reign at Artforum, coming after the magazine's halcyon late-'60s run, entered lore long ago as a time of editorial catholicity, with the publication embracing any number of (at times) incongruous critical positions and approaches.
And there is an admirable catholicity to Fernie's receptiveness to earlier schools of Shakespeare criticism (e.