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Synonyms for Catholicity

the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church

the quality of being universal


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However, it is notable that catholicity is not reflected in a single core document of the World Council of Churches (WCC).
The beauty of catholicity is that we, as a church, hope and pray that this works by sign rather than by decree.
An Ecumenicity Based in the Catholicity of the Church
Catholicity continued to germinate in Delio's subsequent book, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being (2013).
Fragmented Catholicity and Social Cohesion: Faith Schools in a Plural Society by Ann Casson presents an excellent study highlighting key aspects of how students are developing Catholic identity.
I think that its two chief features are substantive multipolarity and methodological catholicity.
In facing the challenge of globalization, Christianity can offer an alternative way of togetherness in diversity, which seems to be the current translation of the traditional theological category of the catholicity of the Church.
The Catholicity of Reason is a recommendation not for casual Christian collections but for those appealing to scholarly readers, and offers an argument that maintains that reason is a foundation requirement to remaining open to both God and spiritual thought.
I willingly admit that I made many mistakes; but I regard as the greatest of all the mistakes into which I fell through the last three or four years that I published my Review, that of holding back the stronger points of the Catholic Faith, on which I had previously insisted; of labouring to present Catholicity in a form as little repulsive to my non-Catholic countrymen as possible; and of insisting on only the minimum of Catholicity, or what had been expressly defined by the Holy See, or a general council.
He said: "I now believe that Academy status could provide us with an opportunity to strengthen and develop further the Catholicity of our schools and the bonds of partnership currently in existence.
This way of approaching an understanding of Anglicanism enables a number of important issues to come out; how identity is conceived, the underlying principle of contextualisation, Catholicity and the provision of ministry and sacraments.
This volume will retain its reputation not just because of the catholicity of its coverage but because the writers not only explain but invite the reader to investigate for himself the works discussed here.
It convincingly proves its central thesis about heresy, while remaining relatively mute and unsatisfying about catholicity.
gwt "The Catholicity of the school was recognised and its importance in contributing to the life of the school.
It would seem that if mission derives from catholicity, and if catholicity is a note or mark of the church, then mission derives from and is thereby subordinate to church.