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Synonyms for Catholicism

the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church

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Roman Catholicism is, so to speak, simply the same thing as unchristianity," he added with flashing eyes, which seemed to take in everybody in the room.
And in the second place, Roman Catholicism is, in my opinion, worse than Atheism itself.
I was merely talking about Roman Catholicism, and its essence--of Rome itself.
It and its brother Atheism proceed from Despair in opposition to Catholicism.
For, if one of us goes over to Roman Catholicism, he is sure to become a Jesuit at once, and a rabid one into the bargain.
In the brief reign of Henry's son, Edward VI, the separation was made more decisive; under Edward's sister, Mary, Catholicism was restored; but the last of Henry's children, Elizabeth, coming to the throne in 1558, gave the final victory to the English communion.
Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church provides readers with a powerful assessment of the evangelical label in Christian thinking, and provides a fine account of the re-evangelicalization of the West and the differences between traditional church approaches of the past and the core of Evangelical Catholicism.
Matovina's work remaps the historical understanding of Latino Catholicism in the context of American (US) Catholicism.
Since the Second World War, Roman Catholicism has had enormous influence on American intellectual conservatism.
Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Film: Essays on Belief, Spectacle, Ritual and Imagery.
France and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, Timothy Verhoeven makes the convincing argument that there was indeed room for some residents of France and the United States to corroborate their disdain for Catholicism, especially in the context of print culture, and disclose similarly gendered anxieties about national identity.
Amy Marga, Karl Barth's Dialogue with Catholicism in Gottingen and Munster: Its Significance for His Doctrine of God.
I stated dearly that even one case of abuse on a minor is never acceptable; however, to use the sex abuse scandal in the Church and particularly in Ireland to trash the history and practice of Catholicism in our country, is not only wrong and disingenuous but based on misinformation and false claims.
Using a critical-historical approach, Scotti begins with a survey of the history of English Catholicism in the nineteenth century while examining the links between the Oxford Movement and the Dublin Review.
Fiesole, Italy, that explored the relationship between Catholicism and interpretive canons of history and specifically focused on the emergence of the concept of "decadence" during the age of the counter-reformation and the link between Catholicism and "anti-modernity" as expressed in literature, historiography, and political and philosophical thought in North America and Europe.