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Some authors are primarily worried about a phenomenon they have chosen to call Catholic fundamentalism, namely with Catholic traditionalists and activist conservatives whose attacks on Catholic liberals may have accelerated and become more effective in recent years.
bishops' letters with the exception noted below; Richard Chilson, Full Christianity: A Catholic Response to Fundamental Questions (New York: Paulist, 1985); O'Meara, Fundamentalism: A Catholic Response; Damien Kraus, "Catholic Fundamentalism: A Look at the Problem," Living Light 19 (Spring 1982) 8-16; and Jacques Weber, "The Problem of Catholic Fundamentalism," in Christian Adulthood, 1984-85: A Catechetical Resource (Washington: United States Catholic Conference, 1984) 81-83.
The intensity of a new Catholic fundamentalism is new.
Evangelical and Catholic fundamentalisms will find their maximum expression in the kickbacks that the new government will reward for their support.
We move from opening presentations on Protestant and Catholic fundamentalisms in North and South America to a consideration of two combative Jewish movements in Israel.
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