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a parochial school maintained by the Catholic Church

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This is an exciting time for Catholic education in southeast Aurora.
Townsville based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said the Townsville Catholic Education Office had a strong record and there was a high demand for scholarship places in Diocesan schools.
National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW), the Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES), and the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) of Northern Ireland.
Only then can we begin to make sense of what seems to be a radical shift in the aims of Catholic education.
If we fail to make a Catholic education affordable, then we will ultimately fail in our mission to help raise the next generation of Catholics for Christ's church.
At Wayside Academy it is understood that Catholic education must be Eucharist-centred, accessible to all families, and rooted in a genuine Catholic classical curriculum.
Across the Catholic Education Office network, it is now common for students as well as teachers to connect up to three devices, including Apple, Android and Windows-based smart phones, tablets and laptops to the Wi-Fi network at any time.
HALF a century of secondary school Catholic education in the west of Cardiff will be marked with a special mass in October.
In the history of Catholic education in NSW one of the best known episodes is that of Premier Henry Parkes' ending government funding for private schools with the Public Instruction Act of 1880.
ST Peter's High School in Derry is to close following a major review of Catholic education.
NUMBERS attending Mass may be declining, but the lure of Catholic education has never been stronger.
EDUCATION bosses are hopeful they will get the go-ahead to continue Catholic education in South Bank after a meeting with Schools Minister Vernon Coaker.
The consensus in Catholic educational circles is that the termination of both the Catholic Educational Review, published under the auspices of The Catholic University of America and the Notre Dame Journal of Education, a University of Notre Dame publication, had resulted in a void--the absence of a refereed journal in the United States that addressed itself to Catholic education at all levels.
Mr Sheerman added that some Catholic education leaders were not committed to increasing their involvement with other religious groups.
Ironically, while the Education Department issued no press releases or public statements about the report, its Web site at the same time highlighted fawning comments about Catholic schools Spellings made on July 15 to the Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education.
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