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the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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CHARLIE DAVIs is Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.
And guidelines issued since then by the Archbishop of Brisbane, Australia; the German bishops; and the South African Bishops' Conference have made pastoral provisions that, under certain conditions, allow non-Catholic spouses to receive Catholic Communion on a regular basis.
The Roman Catholic communion of churches though claiming to be part of the "one ecumenical movement" and though ready to consider ecumenism as "a pastoral priority" and an official task of the bishops,(3) does not belong to the WCC.
as part of the Catholic Communion, have the right to exist and to act in response to the spiritual needs of their faithful.
Bishop Hickman travels throughout the country responding to independent Catholic communities and individuals who have expressed interest in joining the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), a new national ecclesial body in which Hickman was elected presiding bishop last September.
How long is long enough before the Roman Catholic communion takes the Incarnation completely seriously and with profound delight?
A video presentation will be shown at the seminar about the independent Catholic movement, and the presiding Bishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) -- a new national organization to which these communities belong -- will be available for questions.
The chief difference is that most priests who became Catholic under the 1980 provision entered into full Catholic communion as individuals (albeit often with their wives and perhaps their children), while applicants for the new ordinariate are ordinarily former Episcopal priests who are accompanied by a group of former lay Episcopalians who share their desire to reconcile with the Catholic church.
Item: within the Catholic communion there are various Eastern churches, which have quite different disciplines and sensibilities.
Breakaway groups that ordain women, like Spiritus Christi, the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, and Roman Catholic Womenpriests, though respected by many reformers, have a compromised view in the eyes of some because they did not "stay in the church and fight.
I think that it's important that if someone in the Catholic communion doesn't appreciate something that someone else does, that the contact be direct, that people take their own responsibilities in hand and address them in that way.
The Catholic church--or better, the Catholic communion of churches--is actually larger than the Roman Catholic church.
Ned Reidy was found guilty of heresy because of his seven-year association with the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, which denies the dogma of papal infallibility and primacy of jurisdiction that was promulgated at Vatican Council I by Pius IX in 1869-70.
Perhaps it is the simple recognition that there are still places on the planet where leaders of the Roman Catholic communion are not involved in a deep romance with an increasingly outdated monarchical culture and the accompanying trappings of royalty.
He subsequently linked up with the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, a denomination formed in 2003 that rejects Vatican authority.
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