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the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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The number of Catholic churches destroyed or gutted in the coastal city of Biloxi, Miss.
When they do, they often confuse the Eastern Catholic churches with the Orthodox churches.
This isn't the story I intended to write about the charismatic priest who has led one of the nation's most prominent black Catholic churches.
Before the Communist Revolution in 1917, there were 300 Catholic Churches in Russia -- at the end of the revolution, there were only two.
Pope John Paul II warned Archbishop Williams earlier this year that the issue of homosexuality would jeopardize relations between Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.
Known as the ``Lily of the Mohawks,'' as well as the patroness of the environment and ecology to Catholics, Blessed Kateri's devout following has been responsible for the establishment of Indian ministries in Catholic churches throughout the United States and Canada.
330 to be the "second Rome" began a cultural and political division of the Roman Empire that would eventually separate the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.
This Vatican congregation has the task of being a unifying link with the Eastern Catholic Churches to foster their growth, safeguard their rights, and maintain the Eastern Christian tradition alive and whole in the Catholic Church, along with the liturgical and spiritual patrimony of the Latin Church.
Significantly, the service chosen was not a eucharistic one, since Anglican churches allow Roman Catholics to take the eucharist, but Roman Catholic churches don't reciprocate.
Catholics number up to 33 percent of the population, yet their presence is not always reflected in the area's two main Catholic churches, which count about 6,100 parishioners among Simi Valley's 105,000 residents.
The Pope, on the other hand, has expressed the view that Eastern Catholic Churches are "bridges" in Church union and treasures which add to the richness of the entire Universal Church.
It is universal around the world in Catholic churches.
The Glendale-La Canada-La Crescenta chapter, consisting of 28 Protestant and Catholic churches, donates to the YWCA, Salvation Army, battered women shelters, American Indian charities and worldwide leprosy centers.
Relations have become further strained by the arrests of orthodox Catholic bishops, priests, and laymen, and the destruction of Catholic churches.
So, while mainstream Catholic churches and Queen of Angels' ``traditional'' church have been lighting one Advent candle each week during the monthlong season that leads up to Christmas, Radecki's flock has also been reciting novenas - groups of prayers, said on nine consecutive days before Christmas.
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