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And have I not reason, then, to rejoice, the nearer any are brought to the knowledge of Christ, though they may not be brought quite home into the bosom of the Catholic Church just at the time when I desire it, leaving it to the goodness of Christ to perfect His work in His own time, and in his own way?
She meant that the people in the crowd believed in Him; for she remembered the crosses with bleeding plaster figures that stood where foot-paths joined, and the inexplicable mystery of a service in a Roman Catholic church.
If the Cardinal had been there with his bell, book, and candle, I would have whipped in and drunk his water up; yes, even if he had filled it already with the suds of soap "worthy of washing the hands of the Pope," and I knew that the whole consecrated curse of the Catholic Church should fall upon me for so doing.
He rained upon it curses from God and High Heaven, and withered it with a heat of invective that savoured of a mediaeval excommunication of the Catholic Church.
Angelo; the antiphon Regina Coeli which the Catholic church sings
The peerage without heredity; the National Guard, which puts on the same camp-bed the corner grocer and the marquis; the abolition of the entails demanded by a bourgeois lawyer; the Catholic Church deprived of its supremacy; and all the other legislative inventions of August, 1830,--were to du Bousquier the wisest possible application of the principles of 1793.
I told you my name was Brown; well, that's the fact, and I'm the priest of the little Catholic Church I dare say you've seen beyond those straggly streets, where the town ends towards the north.
When we have gone through this process, and added thereto the Catholic Church, its cross, its music, its processions, its Saints' days and image- worship, we have as it were been the man that made the minster; we have seen how it could and must be.
Barclay was, it appears, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, and had interested herself very much in the establishment of the Guild of St.
Often the Catholic Church (which is wedded to common sense) did not approve of it.
Reverend Father Anthony Musla By Matovu Muhammad Idris What has come over the Catholic Church is seemingly beyond reconciliation.
Summary: Five bishops are to join the Roman Catholic Church under a Vatican scheme for disaffected Anglicans.
I have not once been asked by a Priest or the hierachy of the various Catholic Churches I have been part of over the last 16 years, to join a conversion programme or come over to the Catholic Church.
VATICAN II's SECOND DRAFT of the Constitution on the Church asserted that the church of Christ is the Roman Catholic Church.
A priest at Queen of Angels, a pre-Vatican II traditional Catholic church, Radecki loves history and goes back in time to observe all religious holidays.
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