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the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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The book also left me "somewhat apprehensive," as Gramick said, about the survival of what is distinctly Catholic Christianity.
He offers an example, argues that Augustine of Hippo (354-430) wanted Africa to be Christian rather than what he called pagan, but more significantly wanted people to adopt Catholic Christianity rather than Donatist, Manichean, Arian, or any other form of Christianity.
That query, along with many others, is answered by Taylor Marshall in his new book, The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity (Saint John Press, 2009, crucified rabbi.
Regrettably, the single chapter on Roman Catholic Christianity is poorly sketched.
On the whole this is an excellent study that is both historically and theoretically well informed, and it will be welcomed not only by those interested in the history of Marian piety, but by all interested in the ways that Christianity, and especially Roman Catholic Christianity, have engaged modernity.
13) Yovel points out that the mixture of open Catholic Christianity and secret Judaism created a strange hybrid: "The mixture of religions is apparent in the secret customs and rites of the Judaizers, which have a Jewish framework but are saturated with Catholic elements and interpretations.
Newer adherents were no longer content to accept a version of Catholic Christianity bounded completely by the post-Reformation Church of England and its Prayer Book.
Anthony Major Seminary, Malawi) focuses on the Lomwe people of the Mulanje District, their traditional spirituality and their Catholic Christianity.
I wonder if the coverage helped in any way to promote catechetical or evangelical sharing of Catholic Christianity.
Naming what distinguishes Catholic Christianity, then, might be chasing a will-o'-the-wisp.
The Vita legitimates Polycarp's memory, marking him as a progenitor of catholic Christianity.
The editor and authors, largely from a Roman Catholic background, focus on the story of Catholic Christianity, although one chapter deals exclusively with early Dutch Reformed Christianity in Taiwan.
Richard Rohr has said: "One religion, Catholic Christianity, even dares to call God a lamb
Nor do many policy makers appreciate the potential of religion in general and Catholic Christianity in particular to bridge this gap.
Ten chapters discuss modern Protestant and Catholic Christianity.
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