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The European Society of Cardiology guidelines recommend use of surgical and catheter ablation procedures for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, if anti-arrhythmic drug therapy results are inadequate.
Catheter ablation of the pulmonary veins estuary - 10 pcs.
In addition to implantation of devices, around half of the cardiac EP service's procedures at SKMC are catheter ablations.
But when drugs don't work or cause unacceptable side effects, alternative treatments include surgery or catheter ablation.
During catheter ablation, doctors insert a therapeutic catheter through a small incision in the groin where it is then weaved up to the heart through a blood vessel.
The receipt of the additional series C funds represents a tremendous vote of confidence in our contact-force sensing technology and its power to transform the standard of care in the catheter ablation treatment of cardiac arrhythmias," said Jan Keltjens, president, chief executive officer and chairman of Endosense.
The visually-guided HeartLight EAS is unique in cardiac catheter ablation and offers a promising new treatment option for drug-refractory atrial fibrillation.
The researchers randomly assigned 100 patients to get catheter ablation and 51 to receive a standard drug that they hadn't previously taken.
Patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) should be encouraged to enroll in this trial; it's a chance to receive catheter ablation as first-line therapy, should they be randomized to that study arm.
In the study, 167 patients were treated with either drugs to control their heartbeats or catheter ablation, in which doctors cauterize parts of the heart muscle causing erratic electrical signals.
Catheter ablation of persistent atrial fibrillation; a practical guide.
Reader: I have had two catheter ablation attempts at excellent teaching hospitals, but I go into heart block each time they tried to ablate.
The procedure - called catheter ablation - is a simple technique which thousands of patients in the UK undergo each year, according to Professor John Camm.
The user can utilize the sophisticated software to deliver radiofrequency energy in a sequential mode or simultaneous mode during catheter ablation procedures.