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a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire


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Includes a Catherine wheel, fountains, aerial Roman candles and a six-shot multi-aerial.
MEGA BLASTER A value for money set of 19 fireworks comprising four Roman candles, 14 fountains and a Catherine wheel.
At the end of the story, on an island in the Caribbean, some of the same characters discover another Catherine wheel in the wall of another convent, this one ruined and abandoned.
I assume they were Catherine Wheels because they came shooting across the road and they hit the car.
1-2, Catherine Wheels Company, The Egg, Empire State Plaza, btw Madison and State Sts, 518/473-1845, 518/473-4168
SOs are disk galaxies, relatively free from gas, whose color is on average somewhat yellower than that of the typically gassy, Milky Way-like catherine wheels.
sparklers, wheels rockets' Back then, there were but a handful of celebratory explosives on offer to the general public: bangers, sparklers, Catherine wheels and rockets.
Catherine Wheels have produced a whirligig of a show which, for the littlest ones, could just be about two funny men learning about colour and, for the older ones, can be about concepts of change, difference, acceptance and compassion.
30pm, mat May 26, 2pm White: Catherine Wheels Theatre Company (Ages 2-4): May 24-26, 10am & 1.
The show, from Scotland's Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and directed by Andy Manley, introduced us to the one colour set that consisted of a free-standing array of bird houses and a myriad of minute touches - the centrepiece of which was a mirror ball moon.
Something Wishful is Chester's "most spectacular cultural event of the year", featuring fireworks, floating sculptures, human Catherine wheels, a wishing tree, lanterns and music.
There are soups resembling bread puddings, sausages in the shape of Catherine wheels and a whole new take on bubble and squeak.
Bright-coloured Catherine wheels precariously pivoted.
As a child, growing up in West Derby, I remember neighbourhood bonfires, Catherine Wheels (wobbling on posts), rockets, Roman Candles, roast jacket potatoes, chestnuts, gingery Parkin and the familiar smell of gunpowder drifting through the chilly night air.