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empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)

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Lodge's satirical print shows Catherine II of Russia, Joseph II of Austria, Frederick II of Prussia and--erroneously or, according to H.
They made such an impact that Catherine II of Russia sent an emissary to study how they worked.
Catherine the Great (Ch5, 8pm) THIS documentary explores the colourful life and reign of Catherine II of Russia, charting her progress from young German princess to the most powerful woman of the age, who was determined to modernise Russia.
The intertwining leaf motif featured on Whitewall has been a prominent Wedgwood design theme dating back to a pattern made to the order of Empress Catherine II of Russia in 1773-74.
Throughout the eighteenth century, and particularly through the period of the two mutually contemporary sovereigns, George III of Great Britain and the empress Catherine II of Russia, the Russian empire had a growing fascination and attraction for the people of other European countries, especially the German lands, the Low Countries, and the British Isles.