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empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)

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A Land Storm, with the Story of Dido and Aenas, was completed in 1769 and the provenance shows it was owned by Lord Grosvenor before being bought by Catherine II and hung in the Winter Palace in 1799.
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi called Sunday for further exchanges between Japan and the Russian Far East citing the story of a Japanese shipping tycoon who was cast up on the Russian Far East in the 18th century and later helped by Empress Catherine II to return to Japan.
A trio of enterprising Frenchmen were also involved in establishing Russia's first modern arms factory during the reign of Catherine II (The Great).
The intertwining leaf motif featured on Whitewall has been a prominent Wedgwood design theme dating back to a pattern made to the order of Empress Catherine II of Russia in 1773-74.
Plus tragique encore est le sort reserve aux Juifs: autorises par Catherine II (1762-1796) et par Alexandre II (1855-1881) a s'installer a Kiev, les Juifs s'immiscent assez rapidement et avec succes dans le monde des affaires (sucre, meunerie, banques) et des professions liberales, mais, en raison d'un anti-semitisme profondement enracine en sol ukrainien, ils deviennent a l'occasion les victimes de mesures discriminatoires -- rafles, expulsions et pogroms (en 1881 et en 1905, par exemple).
Catherine II was so impressed by this independent, original departure from the old tradition of gem engraving that from 1786-96 she commissioned the Brown brothers to produce no less than 200 gems glorifying her rule of Russia.
Montefiore wrote his history book, Catherine the Great & Potemkin, when Tsarina Catherine II was not a fashionable personage in Russia.
The book is divided into three parts, the first covering the period 1649-1725, the second continuing to 1796, and the third covering the final period between the death of Catherine II and emancipation.
Ill-advised by the quasi-philosopher Diderot, who misjudged almost every artist of his age, he set off to the Russia of the Tsarina Catherine II.
When Catherine II became empress in 1762, says Gorbatov, she sought to end nearly five centuries of Russian isolation from the West by nurturing a relationship with French philosophers who were developing an opposition to the state and looking to northern and Protestant countries for models of freedom.
One of Europe's few monarchs to be accorded the epithet "Great", Catherine II, Empress of All the Russias has become a woman of legend.
They made such an impact that Catherine II of Russia sent an emissary to study how they worked.
Catherine II did better, Stribrny notes, to the point of repairing parts of the hasty plotting of The Merry Wives of Windsor in her 1786 adaptation, a keen satire of Russian mores.
Catherine the Great (Ch5, 8pm) THIS documentary explores the colourful life and reign of Catherine II of Russia, charting her progress from young German princess to the most powerful woman of the age, who was determined to modernise Russia.