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a structure in which water is collected (especially a natural drainage area)

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Dan Fernandez supported the proposal to make putting up water catchment facilities a requirement for business establishments before they are given permits.
In order to account properly for point and non-point sources of pollution it is important to conduct the analysis at lake catchments scale.
Because roughly 70% of catchments feed a single stream with a single exit point, monitoring at a single point makes measurement technically and administratively feasible.
Armed with sediment 'budgets' that pinpoint sub-catchments from which most of the sediment originates, catchment managers can understand which areas should be prioritised for environmental improvement.
The catchments have comprehensive soil-landscape mapping, history of vegetation clearing, groundwater trends, satellite salinity maps, and recent farmer records of new salinity (Dawes et al.
The identification of hospital catchment areas is an important challenge in health services research (Garnick et al.
This will help make these areas more resilient in extreme weather events and improve overall catchment health, water quality and surrounding land condition, Dr Lynham said.
For the next two days (August 08-09, 2017), FFD, Lahore has predicted moderate rains over Punjab (Gujranwala Division) and upper catchments of rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej.
G Khan Divisions and over the upper catchment of River Indus in the same time frame.
Parents in Edinburgh are paying the most, with the catchment for St Thomas of Aquin's High School attracting a premium of PS145,022.
For the development of envelope curve, available flood peak data from a large number of catchments (Indus and Jhelum) was collected.
Ghamdoz and Manesar catchments are spread across 200 and 150 hectares of land respectively.
Changes to Welsh medium school catchments would see the pupils from Ysgol Pencae going to Ysgol Glantaf instead of Ysgol Plasmawr from September 2017.
It is about the role of vegetation in the hydrology of headwater catchments.