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Environmental impacts of fanning systems are clearly acknowledged within most Victorian catchment management strategies.
The results of this case study indicate that the Narva River catchment management in operation today is in need of a subcatchment approach that can effectively control the land-based load of pollutants.
Recommendations are made for successive one-component interventions focusing on catchment management to ensure protection of current and alternative water supplies.
One of the most concerning complaints came from Bittell Reservoirs Catchment Management Committee who claim a new 700 housing estate could put its workers at risk from assault.
Based on long-term ethnographic research, (1) this article presents a comparative view of two groups in Queensland: a local catchment management group in Brisbane, and the participants in a bi-annual water festival in Maroochydore.
Dr Ken Whelan, Director of the Marine Institute's Aquaculture and Catchment Management Services Team, said the placing of high-tech tags on the fish could help them understand why the salmon aren't returning.
The forum introduced the Tweed Catchment Management Plan last November and has just appointed a project officer, Sarah Currie, to steer the three-year plan.
While it is a statutory document, its effectiveness relies on industry facilitation schemes, community education projects and integrated catchment management strategies.
Catchment management, ecosystem integrity and the threats to river ecosystems - this covers progress on understanding and addressing the pressures affecting rivers, many of which will be amplified by climate change and increasing human demands for water;
1 million to increase water supply to remote towns not connected to a secure water supply, $1 million for the Catchment Management Authority Drought Employment Program which will provide local employment for people directly affected to undertake works on key environmental projects, $150,000 to extend the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline to increase water supply to properties within the southern Wartook Valley which is currently without a secure raw water supply, $1.
These big storm and flood events are historical things that always occurred in Australia but now, as a result of poor catchment management, lack of regulation on rivers and poor farming practices, when you get these flood events all the soils, organic matter and carbon is being washed down into the ocean.
The sustainable catchment management programme will see the water company, farmers and conservationists working together to restore wetlands and re-wet peat bogs, plant new woodlands and restrict grazing in sensitive areas.
In Australia, a move towards catchment-based management, under the auspices of various Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), has led to increased demand for catchment-scale information (NCMA 2005).
In recent years growing public awareness of environmental issues relating to land care, conservation and catchment management has brought together scientists, government agencies, academics, concerned residents and landholders in active groups across the country.
Running from September 4th to 7th, topics for discussion include water planning, water law, new technology, catchment management, wetlands, Indigenous river management, drought, conservation, climate change and more.