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(baseball) the person who plays the position of catcher

the position on a baseball team of the player who is stationed behind home plate and who catches the balls that the pitcher throws

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Dream catchers are often handmade with a willow wood woven with a loose web of yarn and decorated with beads and feathers hanging below the hoop in different shapes and colours.
Once you have the team stolen bases and caught stealing allowed, you can estimate the breakdown among catchers.
The dream catchers were made from willow hoops, threaded with wool and decorated with feathers, beads and natural materials.
The catchers will be in right field on the warning track.
As the catcher wobbled to his feet, and a few parents brought ice from the concession stand, the umpires and coaches huddled and the chief ump announced a ruling.
Five of the catchers showed altered blood flow in their gloved hands, a significantly higher proportion than among the other players, the researchers report in the July Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.
And the fact that it happened in a walkoff situation should put all catchers and managers on alert when the game is on the line.
DO CATCHERS in general do a better job of handling the pitching staff as they gain major-league experience?
Catchers will move their glove to catch the ball, and that can give you a false sense of control.
As far as numbers go for the catchers involved, neither has any that are as earthshaking as the SanAndreas Fault.
A popular addition to any school or community library picturebook collection, Beba And The Curious Creature Catchers by Lydia Griffin is enhanced with storybook quality illustrations from Stephanie Lostimolo.
A new study indicates that the best lie catchers display no awareness of their rare ability or the strategies they use to ferret out fabricators.
From the perspective of catchers, maybe it should be called the "Rodney Dangerfield Rule" because catchers never get any respect when their mitt gets in the way of a bat.