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a phrase that has become a catchword

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BERNARD Matthews, the turkey farmer who died at the age of 80 on Thanksgiving - often dubbed ''Turkey Day'' in the US - mis-spelled the Norfolk dialect word which became his catch-phrase.
The name is a take-off on a catch-phrase used by Sabres' broadcaster Rick Jeanneret in reference to player scoring into the top of the net.
By series' end, the filmmakers ape the current religious catch-phrase ``What would Jesus do?
Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of insurers like the words "the next asbestos," but that's the catch-phrase that's being used after an Illinois jury awarded a plaintiff $1 million after finding exposure to welding fumes caused a neurological disease.
As those kinds of issues get forced onto their plates after the naptime that came with the economic boom, erstwhile progressives may find themselves falling back on a catch-phrase of the industrial era Cherny seems so eager to bury: Which side are you on?
Hawthornes Printers and Skills are both cited by Britain's Institute of Public Policy Research as a good examples of `corporate social engagement'(*), the government's new catch-phrase for business commitment to social inclusion.
Harry revealed he has a new comic character, known as Ulsterman - based on stuffy Ulster politicians - who repeats the catch-phrase "It's an outrage" at the drop of a hat.
For many people in this industry, "operationalizing business intelligence" is just a catch-phrase, but SymphonyRPM actually delivers on what that term is meant to be - consistently delivering information in easy-to-access and understand formats that support managers and employees in daily decision-making situations.
I think 'Thank God you're still alive"' Sir Bruce Forsyth, 85, above, explaining why he utters his famous catch-phrase "Nice to see you - to see you nice" every morning "Your body does eventually wave a white flag" Sir Chris Hoy, 37, six-times Olympics winning cyclist, explaining why he retired from competitive sport "Ours was not a love affair, not at all.