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a phrase that has become a catchword

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With more than 5,000 buzzwords, catch phrases, euphemisms, short anecdotes and general business speak, BusiBUZZ(TM) discloses a "behind-the-scenes" view of the interaction that's taking place in the executive offices of corporate America.
The radio show with more catch phrases than any other, due mainly to its galaxy of stars in the cast, was Educating Archie - yes, we listened to a ventriloquist dummy on radio
Each has been accompanied by its various buzzwords and catch phrases, paperwork, consultants, success stories, proponents, detractors and heaps of debate about its true usefulness.
He culled well over 7,500 business catch phrases from meetings, conferences, trade shows and conversations with peers and executives.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Catch phrases have become an integral part of today's sports broadcasts, with commentators livening up games by adding their own unique style to the play-by-play commentary.
Plenty of photo ops and catch phrases like ``political capital,'' but what's he really done?
Bruce had the audience in stitches as he littered the show with his trademark catch phrases including, ``Nice to see you, to see you nice''.
Players can even choose their own catch phrases, also known as "table-talk," to bluff opponents.
They'll also no doubt tell you he's the guy who helped create Loadsamoney and Stavros for his old mate Harry before going on to think up the catch phrases ``suits you sir,'' and ``jumpers for goalposts''.
He blares his catch phrases - ``Get to class'' and ``Go get an education'' - at the stragglers who are taking their time.
One of the catch phrases in the auto industry today is upstream involvement -- bringing all interested parties together early in a project.
True Scooby-Doo fans will recognize authentic cartoon voice actors and effects from the cartoon such as canned laughter and classic catch phrases.
From us, the poorly informed electorate who will be swayed by catch phrases and believe in the false notion that money alone is going to fix our schools.
Kricfalusi is completely tuned into what kids relate to and has created heroes kids will love to emulate with great catch phrases they will repeat over and over again, with interactive elements creatively woven into every episode," said Levine.
You have to be prepared to move things on a molecular level,'' is one of those catch phrases that Bill Logan, a New Jersey-based artist and fly tier, likes to quote.