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a member of the Siouan people formerly living in the Carolinas

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the Siouan language spoken by the Catawba

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Eventually, militia leaders Brice and Colonel John Barnwell managed to organize several hundred white militia and hundreds of Catawba, Cherokee and South Carolina Yamasee warriors.
A Tradition of the Catawba" (1840), for example, bears no relation to either Catawba culture or history.
For 150 years the Catawbas, originally one of the most powerful tribes in the Southeast, have been trying to get recompense from Federal and state governments.
We were ready to file suit against 63,000 defendants, trespassers on Catawba land," says attorney Jay Bender, who represents the Catawbas.
Not all the Catawbas, of course, live on the reservation, which stretches along the cliffs of the Catawba River in eastern-most York County and looks more like a series of hardscrabble farms than a community.
In the lawsuit, the Catawbas re-asserted an old claim of ownership to land that was ceded to the state of South Carolina in 1840.
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