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a form of schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to remain in a fixed stuporous state for long periods

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because it will send him into a catatonic stupor while you spend inordinate amounts of time trying to make contact - like Houston attempting to communicate with Apollo 13 - just to tell him his dinner's ready.
1) Catatonia can present in several ways, from catatonic stupor to extreme purposeless agitation; more than 60 catatonic signs and symptoms have been described.
For her part, Mariam spends the film in a catatonic stupor, a state Saleh's obviously had a hand in inducing.
In the treatment of schizophrenia, the traditional indications for ECT are catatonic stupor and severe depressive symptoms.
The book also says: "When her aides tried to quiz her she would routinely shut down - chin on her chest, arms folded, eyes cast to the floor, speechless and motionless, lost in what those around her described as a kind of catatonic stupor.