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an antihypertensive (trade name Catapres) that can be administered orally or via transdermal patches

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When necessary, moderate to severe tics can be controlled with medications such as Haldol, Catapres and Orap.
He was receiving 10 mg of dexamphetamine throughout the day to stem his hyperactivity and 5 mg of Catapres at night to assist with sleep.
Trandolapril Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists Classification/Drug Trade Names Starting Dosage Candesartan Atacand 16 mg QD Eprosartan Teveten 600 mg QD Irbesartan Avapro 150 mg QD Losartan Cozaar 50 mg QD Telmisartan Micardis 40 mg QD Valsartan Diovan 80 mg QD Classification/Drug Usual Dosage Range Candesartan 8-32 mg/day in single or divided doses Eprosartan 400-800 mg QD Irbesartan 150-300 mg QD Losartan 25-100 mg QD Telmisartan 20-80 mg QD Valsartan 80-320 mg QD Classification/Drug Comments Candesartan Eprosartan Irbesartan Losartan Telmisartan Valsartan Antiadrenergic Agents Classification/Drug Trade Names Starting Dosage Clonidine (*) Catapres, 0.
The patch is a generic version of Boehringer Ingelheim's Catapres TTS, which is indicated for the treatment of hypertension.
Antihypertensives (with central nervous system effects) -- Aldomet, Wytensin, Tenex, Catapres, Ismelin, Hylorel, reserpine, Inderal, Corgard, Tenormin, Blocadren, Lopressor, Visken, Normodyne/Trandate, Sectral, Levatol, Cartol, Isoptin/Calan/Verelan, Kerlone
Nerve Blockers Generic Name Trade Name rauwolfia derivatives Reserpine guanethidine Ismelin guanadrel Hylorel alpha methyldopa Aldomlet clonidine Catapres guanabenz Wytensin prazosin Minipress terazosin Hytrin Beta Blockers propranolol Inderal metoprolol Lopressor nadolol Corgard atenolol Tenormin timolol Blocadren pindolol Visken acebutolol Sectral labetolol Normodyne or Trandate Blood Vessel Dilators hydralazine, Apresoline minoxidil Loniten(**) Hormone inhibitors captopril Capoten enalapril Vasotec lisinopril Prinivel or Zestril Calcium Channel Blockers nifedipine Procardia verapamil Isoptin or Calan diltiazem Cardizem nicardipine Cardene